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ArcheAge Silver account (No need to renew)
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There are two different account types: Silver Account and Gold Account.

A Gold Account is acquired through a Korean cell phone number verification and a Korean bank account number verification. It does not require a routine security check or password reset. Gold Account is 100% safe against hacking attemps and other security breaches. We can ALWAYS* recover your account if something goes wrong. Since we have to buy and hold a unique cell phone line for every Gold Account there is a monthly charge for the account that is different than the Premium Game Time. Your Gold Account monthly fee is entirely used to pay the phone bill for the associated cell phone line. Our most dedicated customers enjoy the peace of mind of the Golden Account.

A Silver Account is acquired through a Korean bank account verification only. It does not have a monthly account charge. For this reason Silver Account Requires security check and a password reset every 3 months. This is general procedure and we can easily take care of this for your convenience. Majority of our customers prefer Silver Account.

Game client download: http://download-archeage.x-cdn.com/install/SetupArcheAge.exe

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